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The Islands of Andaman & Nicobar are authentic Garden of Eden along with fresh environment, natural greenery, unpolluted air and clean roads to attract nature lovers. Some of the great adventure activities which can be enjoyed at these beautiful islands are trekking, snorkeling, Island camping, SCUBA diving and many more. Not only this, but the Bay of Bengal and tropical rain forests are the huge collection of animals, plants and marine life. Geographically the region is located 150 km north of Aceh in Indonesia and separated by the Andaman Sea from Burma & Thailand. Andamanese town of Port Blair is the capital of both the territory. The Islands are blessed with great tropical rainforest covering made up of assorted flora with the elements from Indian like Malaysian, Myanmarese and endemic floral strains.

The enveloping environment with delicate harmonies of brightness, shade, visionary splendors, fragrance and the smooth music of birds develop the creative feelings in the hearts of those people who come at this wonderful place to enjoy the beauty of nature. Also the sandy beaches on the rim of meandering shore are fringed with palms and coconut that swing to the rhythm of sea and the surrounding sea of island offer outstanding scope for water sports.

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